Natural Latex Vs. Synthetic Latex

Natural latex comes from the Hevea Brasilinesis, or the "rubber" tree. This tree is found in warm-climate countries like Thailand, Africa, Malaysia, South America, and Indonesia. Natural latex is a biodegradable, hypoallergenic product that is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria. The milky sap of these trees is extracted, then made into different latex-based products, including latex pillows.

Natural latex is highly elastic, which, in products like latex foam pillows, is an extraordinary quality that allows for a superior level of support and comfort while sleeping and resting.

Synthetic latex is created from two oil-derivatives: styrene and butadiene. While many people prefer the organic qualities of natural latex, synthetic latex has some appealing qualities as well. The fusion of these two monomers make a very strong product - an important quality in mattress and pillow cores. Moreover, it has the same long-lasting life of natural latex, offering sleepers decades of comfortable and sound sleep without the worry of having to replace their products. Finally, while natural latex has many qualities that make it virtually 100% non-allergenic, it is only synthetic latex that can offer the guarantee that the it will not cause allergic reactions.

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